Students it’s entirely possible…

Students it’s entirely possible…


Some 20 odd years ago (I refuse to be specific and divulge my age), I embarked on the journey of being an international student in Australia, much like many of you are contemplating doing. It helped that I always knew what I wanted to do, which was to become a hotelier, and had supportive parents who were after all going to fund my chosen path with fingers crossed. I hadn’t always been an ace student in school, but in my high school years, being able to choose my subjects changed that record and I found myself faring better than ever before. So here I was choosing once again and hoping for the same outcome. 


What’s different today is the number of available career choices. What’s also different today is the number of Covid-19 imposed life restrictions. But let’s not give it any more importance than the restrictions and challenges we’ve faced at any other time or place in our lives. We stumble, we learn, we rise. May not always be in that order, but learn we do and learn we must! My parents made me speak to many hotel industry veterans who tried their hardest to convince me that it wasn’t the career I wanted to be in or would be able to last in as it is “overworked and underpaid”. There was also no place for a “pudding son” like me, which was of course a clear reference to me being out of shape though we all know round is a shape too! So anyway, 20 something years later, I’ve been in leading roles with hotels in Australia and overseas despite the challenges, or should I say opportunities you encounter along the way.


If you’re anything like me, then you don’t want to hear another word about what you can’t do due to Covid-19. Let’s get on with it I say! Life must go on…


So here’s me telling you what you can do. And then I’ll tell you what’s entirely possible too!


What you can do is start or continue your studies. You can head to the Northern Territory where you’ll be well received by at least 4 colleges. Whether you fancy yourself as a future chef, a hotelier, a leader and manager or an electrical tradesman, a social media guru, a child care worker or an alcohol and drugs specialist, there’s a course with a seat that has your name on it.


It’s not just me but the numbers and the people of the Northern Territory leading the most normal of all lives that should tell you it is the place to be! They envy us in the Northern Territory not just from the rest of Australia but from the rest of the world!


What’s holding you back? If it’s the fees, speak to us and we can advise you of the best payment plans you may be able to avail of. We understand times are tough. But lets all come out of this together and we’ll be tougher. And you’ll also be qualified! So while the rest of the world is waiting for borders to open and restrictions to ease, we’re telling you that you don’t need to wait!


Now about the entirely possible. No, I didn’t forget. If you’re outside Australia and finding the international travel restrictions causing hurdles and delays in your study plans, well what I’m telling you is that it need not be that way. As I write this, the first chartered flight with international students coming to the Northern Territory will be arriving in less than a week! Now you could be on the next chartered flight into Australia studying at a Northern Territory college of repute which we’re planning to have depart from Manila in the Philippines in March 2021. So put aside your fears, choose your course, take the necessary action and start your career! And for anyone who’s wondering…you can be round. It’s still a shape and we won’t hold it against you!


To find out how we can help you get your studies off the ground and in the air, please contact our MEI student counselors on, mobile number & WhatsApp +63 917 717 8060, and Skype: MEI Manila for a no-obligation consultation. Don’t let the next plane take off without you!


Written by Alok Kedar, General Manager of International College of Advanced Education


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