Work in Australia

We help you find a job placement in Australia and get through the visa process.​

Working Visas for Australia

There is a major shortage of skilled staff in Australia meaning that there are jobs available for a range of positions including hospitality managers, cooks/chefs, accountants, engineers, IT professionals, tradesmen and nurses.

Depending on your situation, we can help you secure short-term contract work (6 months – 2 years), longer term employment for 2+ years or permanent migration to Australia so you can work here on a permanent basis.

During your initial consultation MEI will help you decide on the best visa and work option for you, then guide you through the application process.

Can I bring my family?

The Australian government allows migrants and workers to bring dependent family members. This usually includes your children under 18 and your spouse (husband/wife/long-term partner). Part of MEI’s service is helping you work and migrate to Australia with your family so we will advise you on who you can or can’t bring with you to work in Australia.​

Job Opportunities

Get Started

​The first stage is completing our Request Consultation form which gives us the required information to assess your case. Once you have completed the consultation form we will contact you to arrange your initial consultation.​​

We help students find a suitable university or vocational course so you can study in Australia.