Study and Work in Australia

We provide migration, education and overseas work placement services to students, workers and families.

MEI provides services to students who wish to study in Australia. You can apply for a range of courses including nursing, engineering, hospitality and accounting.

With our extensive employer contacts and Australia’s large skill shortage, we can help you find a temporary job in Australia, long-term employment or migrate to Australia permanently.

Study in the Best Schools in Australia

MEI has a number of schools and universities throughout Australia that we can help you apply to.

There are a range of study options including short-term English courses, 1 or 2 year Diplomas, 3 year Bachelor Degree and even Masters or PhD postgraduate qualifications.


People we have helped

Vanessa Guevarra is 24 years old and is currently studying in Australia at the BCA National Training Group Inc.

Vanessa Guevarra
Vanessa GuevarraStudying at BCA National Training Group Inc.

Reyjhean Altar is 36 years of age and studies at the International College of Advanced Education in Australia

Reyjhean Altar
Reyjhean AltarStudies in Australia

Connecting with Migration Education International (MEI) is one of the best decision I made in my life.

Maria Carina Pineda
Maria Carina PinedaLiving in and Studying in Australia