Have Fun while Studying! This country just grows on you…

As the child of an expatriate employee working in the Middle East a couple of decades ago (okay, yes I’m getting on age wise), I found that most students of my age had to make some very quick decisions about our future careers and studies. It all came too quickly. Luckily for me, I had always dreamt of a career in Hospitality, and so half my decisions were made. I only had to then think of where I would study. If like me you’ve found your calling in life, then this article is likely for you.


In those days, most of us didn’t have too many further study options available to us locally in the Middle East. And depending on your interests, this may still be the case. It was more or less a given that we would either return to our home countries as once high school ended, so would our dependent visas in the Middle East, or we’d be heading for universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., sometimes still unsure of ourselves and our career paths. It’s still a good problem to have when in fact your parents are going to continue life as expats in the Middle East and will possibly be funding your education by way of an employer sponsored education allowance or otherwise a tax-free income. 


Australia as a destination has risen well and truly to become equivalent to if not more popular than the US & UK in recent years. There are not many courses that you cannot pursue at a top rated university or vocational education college. That together with the relatively more affordable tuition fees and living costs and lastly but just tell me who can ignore the plethora of lifestyle options available to absolutely every palette. There are options for every choice when you take a proper look over the breadth of the continent. Whether you fancy surfing, fishing, hiking, urban life, rural interests, sports, peace and quiet, the hustle and bustle, it matters not. It is all available in Australia. And just like the Middle East, it is a melting pot of multiculturalism in it’s true sense. You’re sure to make friends for life from across the globe. Right now it is an absolute buyers market for educational courses and so the time to strike is now! Trust me, you might even consider migrating here. I know I certainly did!


So first things first, consider your career goals and interests and then add to it your lifestyle choices, hobbies, budget, weather preferences and whatever else it is that gets you going and speak to us. MEI represents colleges in different parts of Australia offering courses that appeal to everyone. We can help you find that course and location of your liking at a price that won’t break the bank.


Don’t look any further than the land down under!


To find out how we can help you get your studies off the ground and in the air, please contact our MEI student counselors on info@visas.org.au, mobile number & WhatsApp +63 917 717 8060, and Skype: MEI Manila for a no-obligation consultation. 


Written by Alok Kedar, General Manager of International College of Advanced Education