Study English in Australia and New Zealand

English is the global language of business, and fluency in spoken and written English is highly valued around the world. Students study English in Australia and New Zealand for a very diverse range of reasons: students are immersed in the language in culture from the moment they arrive; to improve their English so they can go on to successfully study at an Australian or New Zealand high school, vocational college or university; to travel or work in an English speaking country; to improve their work or study options in their home country, or better access to cultures where English proficiency is a valuable workplace skill.

Career Opportunities

Speaking, reading and writing fluent English will enhance almost any career imaginable, from nursing to business and beyond!

English Courses Available

MEI represents a range of institutions delivering a wide range of English Qualifications, including:

  • General English
  • Intensive General English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Cambridge Preparation: PET, FCE, CAE & CPE
  • Certificate II in Spoken and Written English
  • Certificate III in Spoken and Written English
  • Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English

Where to Study

MEI’s carefully selected institutions offer [insert] qualifications at their campuses in

  • Sydney, NSW
  • Bondi (Sydney), NSW
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Cairns, Queensland
  • Brisbane, Queensland

Courses range in price from $220 per week to $400 per week, depending on the course, location, duration and a range of other factors. Courses range in duration from two weeks to 52 weeks.