The Most Affordable Way to Study Hospitality in Australia + Get a Bonus Year to Just Work!

Australia is home to several reputed Hospitality colleges. It is also a place where great work experience can be gained that is recognised all over the world. Combine your Australian Hospitality qualifications with Australian work experience and get your Hospitality career off to a flying start!

Read the word Hospitality too many times above and are still reading this? Good. You’re in the right place. If you’re a student looking for the perfect Hospitality college and haven’t yet taken the leap because of fee stress, be assured that what you’re going to read will take the weight off your shoulders.

Darwin, located in the Northern Territory of Australia is not just the gateway from Asia into Australia, a tropical paradise and a melting pot of multiculturalism, but also home to one of the most reputed Hospitality colleges in Australia. 

The Northern Territory is currently experiencing an unprecedented demand for Hospitality staff. To this end, the Australian government has now permitted international students to work unlimited hours in Hospitality roles while studying. That means you’ll have the opportunity to work and earn money towards your college fees and living costs. We’re now telling you that the International College of Advanced education (ICAE), one of the fine colleges we represent, is also offering tailor made fee instalment plans to international students when they enrol in qualifying courses. Whether your desire is to work in restaurants, bars, kitchens or bakeries, there is a course with your name on it.

If the above wasn’t music to your ears, the Australian government is now also allowing international students who graduate from Hospitality courses to change over to another visa that entitles up to one year of unlimited working hours in Hospitality roles! So after you complete your Hospitality studies, you get to earn and gain further Australian work experience for an entire year! Add to this the very favourable migration opportunities open to ICAE graduates, and studying Hospitality, Cookery or Baking and studying with ICAE becomes an easy choice.

Aren’t you glad you read this article until the end? If so, act fast and act now! Contact the team at MEI to find out more about available courses, fee instalment options and your eligibility NOW!

Written by Alok Kedar on behalf of Migration Education International

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