Study IT and Digital Media in Australia and New Zealand

Information technology and digital media are amongst the fastest growing industries in the world, with demand for qualified and skilled professionals outstripping supply in every labour market in the world. Australia and New Zealand are at the forefront, providing cutting edge training and education that provides graduates with skills that are in hot demand and short supply.

Studying IT and Digital media is a perfect pathway into a number of digital media industries including web technologies, audio production, video production, web design, digital imaging or digital project management. Students develop skills in using advertising techniques, implementing emerging web technology trends, designing and building dynamic websites, basic video and sound editing for film production, coordinating interactive media production, and create exciting digital effects for video.

Career Opportunities

Advertising, Video production, Web developer, Social media developer, Video effects specialist, Gaming effects producer

Courses Available

MEI can help you gain entry to IT and Digital Media Qualifications, including:

  • Certificate 3 in IT and Digital Media
  • Certificate 4 in Digital Media Technologies
  • Diploma of Digital Media Technologies

Where to Study

Courses in IT and Digital Media are available in:


Courses range in price from $4,870 to $8,420. Courses range in duration from 39 weeks to 52 weeks