For international students COVID-19 provides surprising migration opportunities

The effects from the closure of Australia’s external and internal state borders are deeply felt and widely understood throughout the entire Australian community. There has, however, been a surprising upside for many in-country international students looking for study/migration pathways. The lack of working holiday makers and backpackers has led to acute labour shortages in the tourism and  hospitality industry, most particularly in destinations with low/no COVID-19 issues and high tourist demand. One such destination is the Northern Territory, in which exists a unique set of circumstances of particular interest to international students looking for migration opportunities:

  1. No cases ever of community transmission of COVID-19
  2. No community lockdown ever due to COVID-19
  3. The busiest tourist season ever is underway right now
  4. More than 7,000 vacancies in the NT hospitality industry, an industry sector historically reliant on backpackers and very experienced in recruiting overseas workers and sponsoring graduate international students  
  5. Unlimited working hours in hospitality available for international students
  6. International College of Advanced Education, Darwin offering two-year hospitality, cookery and bakery courses, with graduates eligible for a range of NT migration pathways
  7. NT offering Australia’s most favourable migration opportunities for international students 

If you are an international student looking for migration opportunities and you are not studying and working in hospitality/cookery/bakery, you may be doing yourself a disservice. The migration opportunities and pathways available to ICAE graduates in the NT are amongst the most favourable in the country, and given the demand for skilled hospitality/cookery and bakery graduates, these courses possibly present the best migration conditions in a generation.

ICAE is offering very favourable CoE and tuition payment plans, its courses have been designed to meet as many migration requirements as possible, and has places available for its July intake. 

Contact MEI today to plan your future, ICAE has enrolment places available for their July intake, but you’ll need to be quick!