How MEI helped me in my School Application in Australia

I came here in Australia to pursue my study in Masteral of Accounting in Uni, and unfortunately, things turned bad for what I have expected. I’ve struggled on my academics and lost hope of continuing. Uni only gave me a month to stay in Australia and my visa will be cancelled. I thought of giving up and going back to my country as I thought that there would be no chances for me to stay.  My previous employer recommend me to check the ICAE school and they are telling me good things about it. At first, I have hesitations but when I checked the school’s website, I thought that maybe I should give it a try. I applied online and I was impress that I immediately got a response. They emailed me everything that I needed to do and helped me accomplish it as soon as possible. Mr. Sean Mahoney also let me come to class even though my application is still on process cause he wants me to catch up and learn lots of things. He always keeps me updated on my visa processing and provides me useful informations. He also addressed any of my concerns and assurred me my Visa.

During my studies, I thought that it would be hard for me cause I have no idea of what is Hospitality here in Australia is all about. But I am impressed with all of the ICAE’s teacher as they help us become successful. They focused on our weaknesses so that they can help us improve it and see our strenghts as our great asset. They keep on encouraging us to learn and boost our confidence. Also, they provide us with a very useful materials that we could use for our future reference. The school facilities are also great for us to explore our talents and improve it.

I must say that my experience here in Australia is unforgettable and I am very thankful to the ICAE MEI for giving me the opportunity. I am now half way through to finish my studies and I wouldn’t be able to achieved this without the help the school and for everyone working in there. I am honored and grateful.


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